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1.  G7 for gravure cylinder making

Posted 06-10-2017 01:30 AM
I am a G7 Expert in India looking for G7 case studies for flexible packaging -- that is, for cases or examples of successful implementation of G7 for electronic engraving of cylinders and also for establishing the methodology for printing on flexible substrates on gravure presses.

Regards, Naresh Khanna
(G7 Expert)

Naresh Khanna
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2.  RE: G7 for gravure cylinder making

Posted 06-11-2017 08:30 AM
G7 is a gray balance specification.  It is not a process control methodology or a control specification that teaches you to control the engraving of cylinders. It is just a tool to make process control easier.  Without good process control, you would not be successful in the implementation of G7.

Michael Ruff
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3.  RE: G7 for gravure cylinder making

Posted 06-12-2017 12:36 AM
Thanks Michael,

I had an idea that process control is the key to standardising the engraving and gravure printing environment.

I suppose what I need are examples of organizations and experts that have used and grey balance (G7), (in addition to CRPCs) in order to have less cylinder rejections and generally be able to set up a workflow that includes fingerprinting gravure presses of their own or in the case of an engraving house for their customers. For brand owners this is critical since their work is printed in several locations on different presses. The potential client that we have wants to understand the advantages of G7 for their operations. They are looking for more flexible packaging and gravure examples since there seems to be some interest from their customers who I am imagine are some of the global brands operating in India.

Regards, Naresh Khanna  

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4.  RE: G7 for gravure cylinder making

Posted 06-15-2017 09:20 AM
Hello Naresh,

We've updated our G7 case study library recently to include several documents that may be helpful in your research.
I've selected a few for you, but feel free to check out the others here.

A few in particular that I think may be of interest:
G7 Case Study - Color Ad Packaging - the first G7 gravure printer in North America
G7 Case Study - Sandy Alexander, how G7 saved $200k per year in profiling, and $1M in make ready costs
G7 Case Study - The Standard Group, how G7 helped achieve greater consistency, faster make ready, and lower costs.
G7 Brand Case Study - How a global brand implemented G7 to deliver high-impact printed packaging. 

White Paper - The Value of G7 for Brand Owners
White Paper - The Value of G7 for Print Providers

Best of luck in your project and if we can do anything else to help, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Best Regards,

Jordan Gorski
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5.  RE: G7 for gravure cylinder making

Posted 06-16-2017 02:37 AM
Thanks Jordan this looks helpful. We'll get back to you if we need anything more. Naresh

Naresh Khanna
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