G7 Expert Training - Seoul - Idealliance Korea

When:  Jun 5, 2018
G7® Expert Training conducted by Idealliance China / Advanced Printing Technology Centre. Training starts with an overview of the G7 press calibration process. A new way to look at color by focusing on colorimetric data for grey balance in the mid-tones rather than on the densitometric aims (TVI) for each color will be introduced. Participants will learn to calculate the Highlight Range (HR), Shadow Contrast, Highlight Contrast, and so on. Using the graph paper method or Curve 4 software, participant will learn how to draw Neutral Print Density Curve (NPDC) to calculate curve correction values in order to create proofs using the G7 methodology. Participants will acquire the knowledge to use the methodology on press to force the press to G7 neutral print density curves for high quality commercial offset printing and to calibrate the proofing systems. After that, participants complete a certification examination. The title of “Certified G7 Expert” will be given once the participant passes the examination.


Canon Korea, Seoul, Korea