May 5

Exhibit Hall Breakfast - Table Topics

7:30 am - 8:30 am

Table-Top Topics and Facilitators

  • Fulfillment Trends & Strategies - Steve Anzalone, Ideadvisors
  • How Sales People Win - Bill Farquharson, Ideadvisors
  • The CEO of Tomorrow - Mike Philie, Ideadvisors
  • Managing Digital Print - Ron Ellis, Ron Ellis Consulting                                                                 
  • Cutting-Edge Color - Don Hutcheson
  • Wide Format Workflows & Color - Jim Raffel, Color Metrix

Start your day off right by attending one of the five breakfast table topic discussions, each looking at an important operations area in today’s industry. Experts in each area will offer a subject overview, detail issues and challenges facing business leaders, and offer suggestions for mastering them with today’s tools and technologies. Meet new friends and old, discuss what you’ve seen and learned so far and what you are looking forward to discovering today, as you enjoy breakfast in the Idealliance Experience Expo Hall, where you can also visit sponsor exhibits.

Keynote: Impact & Opportunity of Nanotechnology

8:30 am - 9:15 am

Speaker: Nachum Korman, Vice President & General Manager, Americas, Landa Digital Printing

For the last twenty years, Nachum Korman has held a variety of senior management positions at Scitex, Nur Macroprinters and Hewlett Packard. Korman served with Nur Macroprinters Europe and then Nur Macroprinters Americas, in which he held the position of President, for a period of eight years. He later joined HP, first as Director of Large Format Industrial Printers EMEA and then as Director of Labels and Packaging at HP Indigo EMEA. In this session, Nachum will describe how the Nanographic Printing® technology bridges the industry's “Profitability Gap” – cost-effectively producing short-to-medium runs.

Transforming Business:
Strategies for Growth & Change

9:15 am - 10:00 am

Moderator: Tim Baechle, Vice President, Global Print Technologies and Workflows, Idealliance 


  • Nachum Korman, Vice President & General Manager, Americas, Landa Digital Printing
  • Andy Paparozzi, Chief Economist, Idealliance

In our increasingly competitive, complex industry, both the return of making the right decisions and the cost of making the wrong ones are rising rapidly. Superior decisions are founded in superior knowledge of what’s happening inside our companies and outside, why it’s happening, and what to do about it. As a provider of conventional, mail, and/or digital services, how do you change the mix? What markets are most viable and how do you choose? In this session, top industry analysts share their views on how to best determine the right strategies, as well as attract the necessary human and capitol resources required, to effectively lead your company in a time of significant change.

Working Groups: Key Initiatives & Actions

10:15 am - 11:15 am


  • Mail Supply Chain & Partnering with the USPS

  • Automating Customized Workflows

  • Color and Print Workflow Standards & Practices

  • Business Leadership for Small Companies

Collaborative Working Groups are at the heart of Idealliance. Its network of 20+ member-only technical and business management Working Groups tackle industry challenges and develop strategies and best practices. Idealliance President and CEO David Steinhardt looks at key Working Group initiatives and why they matter. To learn more about the activities of individual groups, attend one of the following four Working Group breakouts.

1. Mail Supply Chain & Working with the USPS

Key industry leaders will report on the activities of Idealliance’s Postal Operations & Technologies Council (POTC) and its wide range of Working Groups and Task Forces, focusing on improving mail preparation, postal distribution, logistics, and transportation processes through the application of information sharing, standardization, and supply chain technologies.  Idealliance works cooperatively with the USPS on a range of issues and topics.  Here’s your opportunity

Facilitator: David Steinhardt, President & CEO, Idealliance


  • Angelo Anagnostopoulos, Vice President of Postal Affairs, GrayHair Software
  • Bob Rosser, Director Postal Affairs, Products & Services, IWCO Direct
  • Bob Schimek, Senior Director of Postal Affairs, Satori Software and Idealliance Representative to PMG Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) & Idealliance Chair, Mail.dat® Working Group
  • Greg Retzer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Western State Envelope

2. Automating Customized Workflows

Managing for efficient print, cross-media and custom applications is integral to success in selling and producing marketing services. Integrated content management and business leaders will discuss best practices, strategies, and specifications that advance content creation, use, and integration of automated workflows.

Facilitator: Steve Bonoff, Sr. VP Marketing Communications, Idealliance

Case Study: Joe Cha, President, Hipzone
IDL, a sister company to SGK, was managing changes and detailed adjustments of design changes for a POS/POP customer, through a manual and cumbersome process, usually through a Google sheet or XL Plus email. Because of those technology constraints the amount of time and energy it was taking to create the content that then goes downstream for printing, kitting and delivery added a significant cost to production. To address IDL’s need for automation, Hipzone, a maker of Integrated media systems, designed a solution to move IDL to an automated system that would sit on top of EFI PrintStream, that streamlined the creation process 'upstream' from the manufacture, causing significant improvements to the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Case Study: Robert Godwin, Director, Business DevelopmentInkRouter, a Farheap company
When a Louisville, KY, print facility was acquired in 2012 it had 200+ employees on two shifts. It now runs three shifts with 70 employees, and does triple the revenue. A series of workflow automation systems introduced by the acquiring company significantly reduced both the cost of product and the labor required for production. The cultural impact on the former union shop was and is profound. However, a minimally trained and experienced employee can earn three to four times their former hourly rate, in this newly efficient operation, that is now competitive in a commoditized market.

3. Color and Print Workflow Standards & Practices

Producing consistent color, no matter the substrate or printing device, is essential to customer retention. Experienced industry leaders will outline the work of the Print Properties & Colorimetrics Council, a key Idealliance print media Working Group responsible for printing, proofing, colorimetric evaluations, training, and specifications, and for developing international standards.

Facilitator:  Tim Baechle, Sr. Dir. Global Print Technologies and Workflows

4. Business Leadership for Small Companies

More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year. Our industry is reliant on small business owners and entrepreneurs to drive innovations and capitalize on new technologies and evolving customer requirements to move our industry forward. Here, business owners and experienced senior management consultants will tackle the issues of recruiting and training, market evaluation and growth, and technology capitalization required for running, and growing a small business in the visual communications and media industry.

Facilitator: Steve Ballinger, Sr. Project Manager, Idealliance


Tim Johnson, President, Impact
John Falconetti, President, Drummond Press
Mike Philie, Senior Consulting Partner, Idealliance
Steve Anzalone, Consulting Partner, Idealliance


Town Hall: Idealliance On the Move

11:30 am - 12:15 pm

David Steinhardt, President & CEO, Idealliance
Ken Garner, Executive Vice President, Idealliance

A lively discussion of key issues facing the industry today and how Idealliance and its members are now responding to industry challenges. Features report-backs from facilitators of all four Working Group breakouts with an emphasis on suggested next steps to address the most pressing issues in each area of interest. In this session, you'll also learn about diverse initiatives Idealliance has launched to benefit its members and the industry, with new transformative business tools as well as programs designed to innovative production workflows and train qualified professionals.


Lunch & Learn
Eye on New Technologies

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Facilitator: Dean D'Ambrosi, Sr. Vice President Sales, Idealliance

More than two dozen leading industry manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software are participating in the 2017 Experience Annual Conference. Representatives of these technology leaders will spend a minute at each table sharing the value of their solutions in your operation.

Don't Lower Your Price: Raise Your Sales Pitch

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Speaker: Bill Farquharson, Partner, Ideadvisors

Idealliance super sales trainer Bill Farquharson brings his special brand of lighthearted, commonsense instruction to a session that advocates getting off the dead-end price cutting road and on to a sales track that raises the level of buyer awareness about the return on investment value a company brings to the table.


Adios—Action Steps, Takeaways & Must-Dos

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Speaker: Andrew Paparozzi, Chief Economist, Idealliance

Before we say goodbye, Idealliance industry trends expert Andrew Paparozzi will wrap up key takeaways from three days of insightful presentations and rigorous peer discussions. Then he’ll add some “Must-Dos” from his own State of the Industry research to give attendees a checklist of action steps they can apply to their own businesses immediately.  Experience Conference