Preconference Workshops


Select one of these Intensive three-hour workshops and take part in an interactive review and in-depth analysis of a critical technical or management issue facing business leaders today. Each workshop includes expert presentations, real world case studies, and peer-to-peer discussions.

Optional event: FREE TO ATTEND


Automating Design and Production Workflows Workshop

Instructor: David Zwang, Zwang & Co.

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Part 1: Process Automation: How, Why and When

Life's too short, and customer SLAs are too demanding to waste time manually performing design and production operations that could be automated. Topics in this 3-hour in-depth workshop will include:

1. What can be automated

2. What are the key challenges

3. Do I select a packaged system, develop in house or….

Part 2: Process Automation: Tools I Can’t Live Without; 7 minutes with a Developer!

There are a collection of target products that facilitate the automation of design and print production workflows.  Product developers with exciting and relevant products to offer will be given seven minutes to present their unique and valuable solutions.                                                              

Who should attend:

This session is for content originators and service providers charged with print management operations and profitability.