Hosting INKredible, Idealliance® is a global community of more than 1,600 brand owners, agencies, publishers, premedia and print service provider companies, and their material suppliers and technology partners. A not-for-profit industry association, Idealliance provides media creators and technology communities the opportunity to collaborate to craft best practices, advance standards, and certify people, processes, and systems to achieve the highest performance in the creation, production and delivery of graphic communications – both digitally and in print. On July 1, 2016, Idealliance will merge with Epicomm, creating a combined association of more than 3,000 companies under the name Idealliance, combining the building business solutions of Epicomm with the innovations in workflow processes and technologies of Idealliance.

Idealliance Drives its Members and Industry to...

Innovate technical processes and workflows to...

  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs of creation, production, output, and delivery of graphic communications

  • Integrate content management processes and workflows for omn--channel environments

Transform management operations and staffing to…

  • Build new markets and expand market share

  • Develop business strategies and workforce to compete more effectively

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