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Recognized as one of the Leaders in the Nation for Xerox. Sales Architect for some of industry's most innovative solutions

Recently recognized as one of the top industry experts in Printing Business Development by a couple of the top blog and industry websites. Highly involved in In-Plant and Graphic Communications Associations.

I leverage my entrepreneurial skillset, business development innovation, and technology expertise to create success for organizations and individuals.

Recently leveraged private innovative strategies with clients to grow production color volume by over 430% in 2015/2016. This equaled over $22.5 million dollars in new revenue for clients.

Network of Hundreds of Thousands of connections, One of LinkedIns Top Networking Individuals, One of the Most followed Social Media Personalities at Xerox.

Solutions I Provide Business Development Resources and Education for you to Grow your business:

1. Direct Mail Marketing w/ Digital interaction
2. Personalized Catalog Production, Book Publishing
3. Embellishment Print Solutions
4. Digital and Smart Packaging
5. Cross Media, Omni Media, and Multi Channel Communications
6. Trans Promotion Printing / Invoice / Statement Printing and Automation
7. InkJet Consulting and Technologies
8. In-Plant Development and Being a better mousetrap strategies
9. Operational Excellence
10. Revenue Growth Strategies

Xerox Print Technologies I Leverage for Success ---

- IGEN Press, Color Press, Versant Printers, InkJet Technologies, Impika, Compact, Trivor
- Brenva and Rialto Inkjet Presses
- Finishing Devices, Folders, Gluers, Cutters
- Digital Packaging Solutions
- Wide Format Printing

Workflow Solutions and Software:
- MIS Systems, ERP Systems
- Prepress Automation, MakeReady Automation
- Multi-Channel Personalized Communication Solutions (Text, Email, Web, Video, Print)
- Web to Print, Web to Finish, Web to Fulfillment, Web to Packaging Solutions
- Print and Marketing Automation