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Associations are entering a new era of membership. To prove it, consider these demographic trends: One Baby Boomer will retire every 30 seconds before 2030. Generation X is only ½ the size of the Boomers. Millennials aren’t ready to backfill those membership slots because they perceive the current membership model is irrelevant to their education and career development needs. It’s the end of membership as we know it.

Associations need to adopt a new way of thinking about engaging the next generation of members. I’m ready to ignite the conversation.


♦ DETERMINATION. When recruiting or engaging members, I consistently establish value by showing how we can grow their business or advance their career. Membership is not about revenue. It’s about relationships.

♦ DISCIPLINE. Processes work when they are respected. Whether making a positive first impression on a new member or touching base with regular follow-up calls, adherence to best practices keeps the membership pipeline fresh.

♦ DILIGENCE. I am passionate about members and they can know it. What others see as routine member interactions, I see as personal opportunities to build community and show each person that we care about them…uniquely.


✰ MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT. I reached a membership milestone of 700 member companies, largest in the history of the association. Direct mail marketing, personal selling and maximizing member referrals achieved this goal.

✰ MEMBERSHIP RETENTION. I retained a key member company by explaining new tiered dues structure that provided customized benefits. This enabled the executive to purchase a plan that met her distinctive business goals.

✰ CONSULTATIVE SELLING. I focused on personal selling through sales calls and industry trade show participation to raise brand awareness. I assembled staff experts who demonstrated our unique value proposition.

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