Is Professional Liability Insurance for Graphic Designers Important? Here’s Why the Answer is “Yes”

By Paul Burns posted 03-04-2021 11:38 PM


Are you creating a new logo for a company, or maybe a flyer, or a website? Are you a graphic designer who brings clients’ ideas to life? That’s great! But do you have insurance? Just like any other business that provides professional services, your graphic design company can face risks. Graphic design insurance is what your business needs to protect you from those risks. 

You may wonder what risks we’re talking about? 

Let’s say you have a client who blames your logo design. Or maybe some other client believes that a specific design you created isn’t what they asked for. Although you might have put all your efforts into making your customers happy, they are now unsatisfied, and you must bear the consequences. This is where professional liability insurance comes in help.

What is graphic designer insurance?

As a graphic designer, producing accurate work for your clients is important. But unfortunately, things can go wrong. Usually, when things don’t go as planned, business insurance is what it takes to help you stay on top. There are always chances that graphic designers face a copyright claim from another artist. Clients can then start a legal case – if this happens, insurance for graphic designers will help you stay prepared. 

Graphic designer insurance

Why do graphic designers need insurance? Because this way they can avoid:

  • Client complaints
  • Hardware damage
  • Copyright battles 

Graphic design insurance can help you protect the creative designs from risks, such as hackers targeting your systems, stolen equipment, etc. Professional liability insurance will help you protect your company from customer complaints. Complaints can occur if your design company makes mistakes. Even if you don’t make any mistake, your client could still blame you for something they believe didn’t go as planned. 

There are many types of business insurance, but you will need graphic design insurance in your case. Remember, no matter how impeccable your businesses’ services are, risks and losses can happen. But they’re also might as well be avoided if you do yourself a favor and consider buying cheap small business insurance

Types of liability insurance for graphic designers

There are two types of liability insurance for graphic designers:

  • General liability insurance (GLI)
  • Professional liability coverage

General liability will help businesses from claims like:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily harm
  • Copyright infringement 

Professional liability will help you protect your business from:

  • Lawsuits linked to the services you offer

No matter how well you’re trying to please your customers, there’s always going to be that one client who isn’t happy with what they get. Professional graphic insurance helps you protect against a mistake you made in the past. What professional liability insurance covers?

  • Mistaken advice
  • Misrepresentation
  • Abuse of good faith and reasonable trade
  • Professional negligence

Professional liability insurance is essential for all businesses that work with clients. Do your research today and find out how much professional liability costs for your company.