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M0 M1 M2 scanning condition - Help me understand

  • 1.  M0 M1 M2 scanning condition - Help me understand

    Posted 09-20-2019 11:37 AM
    We calibrate a 4 color Heidelberg press using the P2P25 or P2P51 test chart.
    We also calibrate an Epson SureColor P8000 proofer.
    We use the "GRACoL2013_CPRC6" as our target.
    We've been told to scan the P2P chart from the press using M0.
    We've been told to use M2 when scanning the it8.7/4 or TC1617 charts from press and proofer.
    This seems to work well when we try to simulate paper white on our proofing paper.
    We now hear that we should be using M1 on everything.
    I can get our press sheets and proofs to pass G7 no matter which condition I'm using, but I do notice slight color differences especially in the paper white.
    I have read what these conditions represent but I don't understand when and why I should use them.
    Are there practical rules of thumb on when to use M0, M1, or M2 and on which procedure?

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