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  • 1.  USPS COVID - Update

    Posted 06-08-2020 04:19 PM

    COVID - Update from the USPS 6-8-2020

    IMPORTANT - Next Monday the traditional USPS Hold Mail Policy will go back into affect.
    - Local Postmasters will have the authority to adjust policy to best serve their communities.
    - What this means to most mail that has been waiting to be delivered to closed businesses will start to move either delivered or returned.
    - This is also a good sign that most of the local businesses that had to quickly close has worked out a new workflow to get mail. 

    Interesting Numbers

    The mail volume over the last few weeks seems to have stabilized with some interesting trends. The following numbers are comparing similar weeks of 2019 to 2020. 

    - Over all mail volume has been down in the 22% range.

    - Packages continue to be dramatically above last year in the 65% plus range. A few weeks ago there was a peak of 82%. 

    - A majority of the mail volume reductions have been in the Marketing Mail space - 35% range. 

    - First Class mail volume has been the most steady with only a 10% decrease for Presort First Class and 12% in the Single First Class space. 

    International Mail
    - This changes every Friday. 
    - There were 3 ships recently added to assist some customer mail 
    NOTE - The USPS continues to charter space to assist in the domestic movement of mail. 

    Feel Free to reach out with more questions. 


    Glen Swyers
    Director, Marketing Integration and Analytics
    Classic - Imagine! Print Solutions
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