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  • 1.  Nexpress

    Posted 10-23-2019 10:39 AM
    Were looking for someone local, if possible, that has a Nexpress for some trade work.  Our potential client had a Nexpress and was able to achieve the color match to PMS #172 C for his labels.  He no longer has that press and cannot match PMS #172 C on his current digital press.  There will be a group of their labels, which would be printed on 80 lb. gloss text, to match PMS #172 C.  They have about 15 different layouts of labels on sheets 12" x 18" and 13" x 19" and looking for about 2 – 3 M total sheets.   I'm hoping that this can be achieved.
    Steve Steinberg
    Stone Mountain Printing
    74 Main Street
    Woodbridge, NJ 07095
    T 732-634-4444 Ext 102
    F 732-634-4415