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Digital Press Certification Program Version 2.3.6 

06-05-2017 10:51 AM

Updated 2017, including updates press forms and control strips along with guidelines determined by the Print Properties & Colorimetrics Council (PPC). This document describes the procedure and tolerances for the Idealliance Digital Press Certification program. The Digital Press Certification program is similar to what GRACoL and SWOP is for inkjet proofing, but for digital presses. Certification is presently intended for production digital printing systems that use xerographic and inkjet technologies. The framework is based on upcoming international standards ISO12647-8,15311, and 15339. The Digital Press Certification program consists of testing and certification in areas of color, print properties and print production. In the certification process, a series of test forms are provided, suppliers print these forms according to given criteria, the forms are sent to the Idealliance designated Evaluation Contractor where they are measured and compared against pre- determined tolerances. Systems that pass all tests are awarded certification, the supplier system details are published on the Idealliance web site and the supplier is able to display the certification logo on their product collateral. Potential customers are able to recognize the certification logo and have confidence when considering purchase of a certified system.

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