G7 Process Control

The Idealliance G7 Process Control program builds on the momentum of the original G7® program and is a must for any individual or organization wanting to take print production to the next level of profitability and repeatability. Color Management is all about process control.

With an ever-expanding number of media channels available to marketers today, print service providers are preparing files for a vast array of devices, and often for multiple locations. Ensuring key staff are skilled in the leading practices of both print and electronic media production is central to reducing production costs and operating an incredibly efficient multi-channel media production workflow.


G7 Process Control Master Facility is a facility qualified by Idealliance as a proven print supply chain leader, equipped to handle the most stringent demands and maintain the highest level of quality required of leading print buyers. G7 Process Control Master Certification includes thorough analysis and alignment of the entire print supply chain within a facility as well as their print supply chain partners, conducted by a G7 Process Control Expert, and evaluated quarterly by an independent third-party analysis laboratory. G7 Process Control Masters are leading members of the print production supply chain, with proven capabilities across color management, process and quality control to serve their print buyers. Certification is good for one year, and includes quarterly maintenance to ensure ongoing compliance and the highest levels of performance.


G7 Process Control Expert is an individual certified by Idealliance as a proven leader in the field of color management, process and quality control for the entire print production supply chain. Having completed both an in-person 3-day G7 training course and exam for G7 Expert certification, along with G7 Process Control Expert online training and certification, G7 Process Control Experts also perform G7 Process Control Master Certifications to align print production workflows, technology, and equipment for print service providers. Certification is valid for two years.

G7 Process Control Fees

G7 Process Control Master Facility Certification

  • Requires Annual Application Fee: $1200
  • Requires minimum of one (1) Certification Compliance type with each application, Grayscale/Targeted ($100) or Colorspace ($150)
  • Additional Certification Types, Failed, or Resubmitted sheets are charged per Compliance Type, Grayscale/Targeted ($100) or Colorspace ($150)
  • Good for one year
  • Requires annual renewal by a certified G7 Process Control Expert within 90 days of certification expiration
  • Requires quarterly submission a certified G7 Process Control Expert
  • G7 Process Control Expert consulting fees are additional, negotiated with, and paid to the G7 PC Expert

Fee examples:

New Submission : One Press + One Proofer
$1200 Application Fee + $100 Targeted Fee (Press) + $150 Colorspace Fee (Proofer) = $1450 Total

Renewal Submission : One Device
$1200 Application Fee + $150 Colorspace Fee = $1350 Total

G7 Process Control Expert Certification

  • G7 Process Control Expert Online Training & Certification Fee: $500
  • Requires G7 Expert Certification
  • Good for two years
  • Online Recertification Review & Exam: $300/every two years within 90 days of certification expiration
  • Register here for certification or recertification

Jordan Gorski