Why G7 for Brands, Buyers & Creatives

If all print products have the same gray balance and neutral tonality defined by G7®, they will look remarkably alike to the human eye, a key component in effective brand quality management.

G7 aligns any printing device for one file, one calibration, one aim point. Print AnywhereTM

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Brands, Buyers & Creatives use qualified G7 suppliers because…


  • Color is an important part of why people embrace (or reject) a brand
  • Color greatly contributes to perceived value of quality
  • Color and color quality enhance consumers’ experience with the product and add to its public reputation
  • Color is one of the most emotional attributes of a brand
  • Color consistency reinforces trust. Inconsistency with colors associated with a brand subconsciously diminishes it, and erodes brand loyalty


  • Reduced design times, faster turnaround as design occurs internally rather than on press
  • Reduced cost of proofing and shipping prior to print
  • Reduced need for on-site press checks, travel, and other tasks based on visual approval methods
  • Reduced waste and make ready time during press runs
  • Higher consistency in reprints


  • Data exchange for purchasing and print buyers to assess supply chain performance
  • Clear expectations for supply chain partners regarding acceptable work
  • Overall increase in consistency, efficiency and savings

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Proven Quality Control

A Shared Visual Appearance


Brands, print buyers, & creatives across the globe utilize G7 to ensure their print production is aligned. Learn how here:

Implement G7 into your print & packaging supply chain with an Idealliance certified G7 Expert or G7 Master printer.