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How Do Print Service Providers Promote G7?

  • 1.  How Do Print Service Providers Promote G7?

    Posted 01-17-2017 11:27 AM

    As an organization, we utilize every marketing platform possible to touch every continent and print medium, including in multiple languages using: social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc...), we submit press releases to U.S. and global magazines and speak at events/webinars every chance possible. It is all about evangelization. The message has to be constant and consistent, so much so that it becomes part of peoples subconscious. LinkedIn is a wonderful platform, LinkedIn Groups, Local Business Journals, etc. You also need to find “centurions”, people that will go tell your story (sales staff need to be doing this all the time). The more the story gets out there, the more you set yourself apart. Your sales staff should tell your customers the rigorous steps you went through to become and maintain G7 Master Qualified Facility status. Your customers should know the elite status of being a G7 Master Qualified Facility, the most sought after certification in the world! Your customers should know that your measurement of quality and repeat-ability is not just part of your business operations, it has become part of the DNA of your employees. Your sales reps should hand out a marketing piece to every prospect on what G7 means. The Value of G7 to Print Buyers and Brands. You can use the language for the following links noted below to craft your marketing material if it helps, which includes a link to the Value of G7 for Print Service Providers. Let your customers know that you are different than your competition. You have invested heavily in your staff, education, certifications, and processes in order to exceed the quality expectations of your customers. G7 tells your customers that you have a measurable, predictable, and uniform color management process in place. So, the conversation turns from always needing to find new customers to maintaining a large base of ecstatically happy customers because you have spoken intentionally on what your organization provides to the industry, you deliver on your promises, and you are able to follow through with unbelievable repeat-ability. Get personal with your customers. Be intentional and value you internal customers (staff) as much as you value your external customers.





    Tim Baechle
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