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G7 colorspace on HP Indigo

  • 1.  G7 colorspace on HP Indigo

    Posted 08-20-2019 05:32 PM
    I want to do G7 color space on HP Indigo. It is label stock. As CRPC were derived for offset then should it be used for other processes like Indigo & Flexo? HP has different LAB values for CMYK so they won't match to offset CRPC. I have following doubts.
    1) Can I do custom colorspace?
    2) Do I need to use SCCA? 
    3) What will be my tolerances as I couldn't found tolerances for Indigo?
    4) If I do G7 color space for proofing then should I target same Indigo color space as source or Gracol 2013 is ok? I.e. for getting G7 color space should I both Indigo & Epson match the same color space? 

    Awadhoot Shendye G7 Expert
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