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Idealliance ISO 12647-7 Digital Control Strip 2009 

06-08-2017 01:41 PM

As it is still widely used in certain aspects of print and premedia, Idealliance offers a legacy version of the Idealliance ISO 12647-7 Digital Control Strip 2009. The target is intended primarily as a control device for pre-press proofs but may also be used to control production printers or presses. Primary Uses • The target must pass through exactly the same imaging process as a live image, including RIP curves, color management, screening, etc. • The target MUST be included on all proofs submitted for Idealliance Proofing System certification. Values measured from the target will be used as part of the Idealliance proofing system certification process. • The target SHOULD be included on all production proofs and measured to confirm accuracy of every proof. The Idealliance ISO 12647-7 Digital Control Strip is offered free and may be used by end users and incorporated into any commercial product or service, subject to the following conditions: • User acknowledges that the target design and combination of patch values are the copyright and intellectual property of Idealliance, Inc. • The target may not be altered in any way, including the addition or subtraction of patches, or altering of patch percentage values, except for scaling and layout changes necessary for different measuring devices. • The target may not be sold with, or incorporated into, or represented as having any commercial value in, any commercial product or service without the express written permission of Idealliance. • All versions or derivatives of the target must include the Idealliance logo (or the name Idealliance), target name and version number. • Versions of the target configured in different sizes or layouts must be submitted to Idealliance for approval prior to being offered publicly as part of any commercial product or service. Limitations Because the target contains only a small sub-sample of the total printable color gamut, it may not detect some types of process variation. • The target contains too few patches to prove an accurate match to a specification like GRACoL or SWOP, but it does contain enough patches to monitor the stability of a system that has previously been tested with a target such as the IT8.7/4. • No warranty is expressed or implied by Idealliance regarding the accuracy or effectiveness of the target in any given usage. • The end-user accepts all risk and liability in connection with their use of the target.

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