Young Professionals

What is the YP Group?


The Idealliance Young Professionals (YP) Group is made up of Idealliance members and students ages 35 and under.  Its purpose is to foster the next generation of industry employees and leaders by delivering relevant educational content, professional development, mentorship and collaboration to nurture growth, both personally and professionally.


The mission of the YP Group is to engage young professionals in the graphic communications industry for the purpose of networking, education, professional development and to shape the future of our industry. This online community offers a virtual place for YP’s to connect and share content, and ideas between YP group participants. 

Young professionals employed by Idealliance member companies, as well as students and those unaffiliated with Idealliance membership, will have access to this new community and will be able to find outreach, education and engagement opportunities. It is a hub for webinars, articles, tips, conversation and information relevant to Young Professionals seeking news, networking, and opportunities in our industry.

Along with this YP community board, we will be engaging universities with dedicated programs for the graphic communications fields, offering students the opportunity to connect with young professionals in the industry, access educational content, and a place to search for jobs and internships. Often we hear it is hard to find qualified candidates to fill positions in the graphics communication industry because our industry isn’t seen as “cool.”  By connecting directly with students, member companies will have a valuable resource to recruit students graduating with degrees in our industry.