The NexGenLeaders™ program provides executive and operational management training for up-and-coming mailing and graphic communications company leaders. NexGenLeaders was started by Epicomm four years ago to work with young professionals who are being groomed to take a leadership role in their company. Program participants learn “best practices” in our industry from experienced subject matter experts over a three year period.

Each participant is assigned a mentor who will meet one-on-one with them to set up development goals for the next 12 months.  The mentor is available as an on-call resource to keep each participant on track. Individual goals are measurable and specific. Goals are laid out in such a way as to ensure a solid plan for individual development. Each year of the three-year program consists of:

  • Two day-long workshop sessions
  • One day-long technology meeting with demonstrations
  • Plant tour – Best Practices assessment

This comprehensive three-year program offers in-depth preparation for executive level day-to-day management, long-range strategic decision-making, and evaluating and transitioning into new business methods and technologies.

Real World Training

Comprised of quarterly day-long workshops, the NexGenLeaders program gives participants real-world business management training from industry-based instructors and experts who have hands-on expertise in the skills needed to run a successful graphic communications company. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Understand and manage financial and manufacturing operations
  • Identify, hire, and manage top performers
  • Develop and build upon management and leadership skills
  • Develop strategic business, sales, and organizational plans

 Each year of the program includes three quarterly workshops at various sites around the country. The fourth session consists of an on-site facility tour, operational analysis, and best practices assessment. The one-day quarterly workshops require minimal time out of the office and the tuition is affordable – comparable to a single MBA graduate school course.

Whether you are a CEO tasked with grooming your company’s next management generation or a young professional seeking to prepare yourself for an expanded leadership role, NexGenLeaders™ is the perfect choice.

Join NexGenLeaders

  • Candidates for the NexGenLeaders™ program must be willing and able to make a three-year commitment to the program, and be in a position with the sponsoring company to apply the processes they learn.
  • Tuition for the program is $2,995 per year (includes course materials and meals).
  • All travel to program sites is the responsibility of the candidate or sponsoring company.