Get G7 Master Qualified

Two Options for Getting G7 Qualified

An Idealliance certified G7 Expert is required to qualify print facilities for the first time. A G7 Expert must be onsite to conduct and review calibration data, then submits an online application to Idealliance for 3rd party verification. Final G7 Master Qualification is granted by Idealliance.

Option 1: Hire a G7 Expert consultant to qualify your proofing/printing system. Access the directory of G7 Experts.

Option 2: Send an employee to a G7 Expert/Professional Training program. For upcoming training events, go to for G7 training

G7 Compliance Levels

G7 Master Program Fees

Each G7 Master application submitted for a facility:  

  • Requires Membership or Network Subscription
  • Requires a New ($350) or Renewal ($100) Application Fee
  • Requires minimum of one (1) Qualification Type with each Application, Grayscale/Targeted ($100) or Colorspace ($150)
  • Qualification Types and Compliance Levels (Grayscale/Targeted/Colorspace) will be noted in the database listing
  • G7 Expert consulting fees are additional, negotiated with, and paid to the G7 Expert
  • Additional Qualification Types, Failed, or Resubmitted sheets are charged per Qualification Type, Grayscale/Targeted ($100) or Colorspace ($150)
  • Custom targets are charged per unique target submitted ($50 each)
  • Good for one year
  • Requires annual renewal by a Certified G7 Expert or G7 Professional within 90 days of qualification expiration

Fee examples:

New Submission
$350 Application Fee + $100 Targeted Fee + $50 Custom Target = $500 Total*

Renewal Submission
$100 Application Fee + $150 Colorspace Fee = $250 Total*

*Non-Members add the $450 Network Subscription Fee


Full benefits
Dues are calculated by sales volume, minimum $600 Annual
Details at:

Network Subscription

Limited benefits
$450 Annual

Download the G7 Facility Qualification Brochure


Nanette Nathan