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Assurety Consulting Incorporated


Executive, leading a firm of currently 42 employees and growing... Also serves as a Technical Director for Mail.dat/Mail.XML for IDEAlliance, a non profit media consortium, moving the mailing supply chain industry towards more automated communication model, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Over the years, has presented at National Postal Forums (NPF) and IDEAlliance conferences on a multitude of Postology topics such as IMb, Full service, transportation, postal compliance etc. Has been published in Mailing Systems and Technology magazine and Diversity Careers and has published many white papers on drop shipment, technology, supply chain communication, and Imb Full Service at Serving the Comercial Supply Chain market as well as the Federal Government sector. Extensive past experience in business process engineering and large software integration initiatives. 14+ years of Supply Chain Experience in solving mailing supply chain business problems, leading very large system development efforts, implementing CMM Level 3 and managing a 20 Million dollar program at the CMM level 3 level. Proven leadership and management skills in directing and solving large business problems. Active member of Vistage Key 9/11 group since 2006 with focus on helping self and other executives meet their professional and personal goals.