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Rare Dog Breeds: 20 of the Lesser Known Dog Breeds Worldwide - 2021 Guide

Do you know that some dog breeds are so rare that you hardly see any of them? More than half of the Americans prefer dogs over cats and other animals, both as pets and emotional support animals. While some breeds are very common and are easier to find and bring home, others may be rare and many of us may not even have heard about them.

However, no matter what kind of dog you want to bring home, you will need to have a valid ESA letter for it.

In this list, we have added some of the rarest and lesser-known dog breeds that make great pets and emotional support animals but are not very easy to find. But this does not mean that you cannot get them.

Read on to know about these lesser found dog breeds.


Considered a Dutch treasure, this dog breed has come from the Netherlands’ Frisian forest region. These dogs are very rare and only some thousands of them are left in the world. They are active working dogs and make great pets and ESAs and all you need is an emotional support animal letter to bring one.


Having its roots in West Africa’s Sahara desert, this dog breed is extremely rare in the US and, possibly, around the whole world minus its hometown. It has a slim body and long legs and they are bred for being a hunter, guard dog, and sighthound.

Kai Ken

This dog breed is developed in the Japanese island mountains and is counted amongst the rare and ancient dog breeds. Being developed in isolation and apart from the other world, it is a pure Japanese dog breed and is considered a national treasure.


An Ovcharka is a large dog breed that is bred to hunt bears and wolves. They have a distinct and impressive look as they look like a giant teddy bear. However, don’t get too close, they could be dangerous and fierce guard dogs.

Thai Ridgeback

This dog breed hailed from Thailand, hence the name Thai Ridgeback. It has a ridge of hair growing in the opposite direction in the center of their back and since they have evolved on their own, they do have some wild qualities and make great guard dogs.


This is probably the most uncommon looking dog breed. They are completely hairless and they are a true Mexican dog breed. Since they do not have hair, you will have to give them extra care to make sure that their skin is unharmed.

Swedish Vallhund

Besides being a rare dog breed, these dogs are known for their athletic build and their ability to track, flyball, and herd. They make excellent farm dogs and they come in a variety of colors and tail lengths.

Bedlington Terrier

These dogs have a striking resemblance with sheep as they have a pale and curly wool coat. These dogs are very playful and are known for their speed and ability to catch vermin. They make great ESAs and you can bring one home easily with a valid ESA letter for housing.

Finnish Spitz

This dog breed is unique because it resembles a fox and at a first look, many people could not tell them apart from foxes. They are very hardworking and have distinctive features like erect ears, a bushy tail, a heavy and dense coat of fur, and intelligence.


An Otterhound is a large dog breed that is very skilled in water sports. They have webbed feet and a double coat. They are bred to be scent hounds and they are excellent hunters and pets also.

Norwegian Lundehund

This dog breed has a lot of uncommon qualities. They have six toes on each foot, prick and erect ears that he could control, and the flexibility that allows him to tip back his head and touch his backbone. They are great at Puffin hunting and make remarkable pets also.


These dogs have a heavy double coat that helps them survive in cold weather. These dogs have come from New Hampshire and are a known drafting and sled-dog racing breed. It has a combined ability of the freighting dogs and lightweight racing sled dogs.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

This dog breed comes with a spotted and multicolored coat that gives him a different look. The breed is considered to be the very first that was ever bred in the United States. He got his name from the Cantaloupe Parish in Louisiana.

Peruvian Inca Orchid

The breed has been around since the AD 750 and is still considered as a priced pet. The breed is very unique and to bring one home if you get one, you will need a valid emotional support dog certification for it. The breed is known for its agile and smart qualities and also that sometimes these dogs are hairless and come in a good variety of color palettes.

Karelian Bear Dog

This dog breed is Finnish and is very common in its hometown. The dog is bred for being a watchdog and for hunting purposes and it is known for its fearless nature and quick reflexes.

New Guinea Singing Dog

This dog breed is unique due to its quality to ‘sing’. The dog has a unique vocalization quality that makes it a unique dog breed. The dog is known for being an excellent companion and for its immense intelligence and physical capabilities.


This dog is unique and we need not say this. One look and you will know what we are talking about. The dog has a split nose that looks like it has two noses and the possible reason for this is the severe inbreeding. They are originally a Turkish dog breed.


It is a Hungarian dog breed that is both active and versatile. The dog has a lot of qualities including being an excellent hunter, herd dog, flock guardian, and rodent exterminator. If kept as a pet, you will need to take him on long walks and jogs to keep him healthy and happy.

Fila Brasileiro

The dog is believed to be a result of several breeds like Bloodhound and Mastiff, hence the large bones, smooth coat, and loose skin. The dog breed is a working dog that can have a quick temper sometimes.


It is the only Malaysian dog that was bred by the Orang Asli people to catch and terminate vermin. The said people are used to building their houses on stilts, which helps them stay safe from dangerous animals. Due to this, the dog has an exceptional climbing capability.

All of these dog breeds are rare and make great pets and emotional support animals. However, to bring any dog home, get a genuine support animal letter from a trusted provider.