The INKredible Schedule

Discover how to effectively orchestrate print and digital media
to score marketing wins and build your business

Visual communications and print media companies are discovering innovative ways of combining print with digital to more effectively score marketing wins for their companies and clients.

At INKredible, we orchestrate through the possibilities of integrated media with innovative presentations, real life campaign success stories, keynotes by brand and marketing experts, and demonstrations by leading integrated technology solutions providers.



Gerry O’Brion
What Big Brands Know
Creating Passionate, Vocal Fans 
of Your Clients

Kate O'Neil
Harnessing Data & Technology
Winning in the Age of the Internet of Things


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Exhibit at INKredible

Innovation Room

Present on the Innovation Stage

The rapidly changing marketplace impacting print and content delivery requires a greater understanding of the changes, insights, and new technologies necessary to be successful in this omnichannel world. In the INKredible Innovation Room, technology leaders offer the opportunity for one-on-one engagements in an intimate setting for exclusive presentations of their tools and technologies, and via public demonstrations in informative Innovation Tech Talks.




2016 INKredible Video

Ethan Goller, President of Structural Graphics previews his session; Tactile and Tech: Engaging Beyond Digital




2016 INKredible Video

Deren Baker, CEO of Jumpshot, talks analytics and the INKredible Conference 

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