About BrandQ

Brands who effectively communicate and assess see benefits such as improved turnaround times, speed to market, reduced costs, and improved brand integrity.

Taking Print Quality Beyond G7

Communication between a brand and their suppliers is the key to unlocking faster turnaround and reduced costs. BrandQ® teaches you how to optimize communication between the brand and supply chain.

BrandQ offers hands-on training, assessment tools, technical resources, and online education. The BrandQ program teaches methods for controlling and monitoring print quality across the supply chain. Participants in BrandQ training & certification also receive access to the BrandQ online training program and resources, as well as the BrandQ forum and discussion group.

Registration for an in-person training program includes access to the complete suite of BrandQ on-line training modules and resources, as well as the BrandQ forum and discussion group.

You will learn:

  • Basics of quality control and print measurement

  • How to communicate your expectations with suppliers

  • How to determine if suppliers can meet your expectations

  • The benefits suppliers reap from the brand alignment process

  • How to improve your brand/supplier relationships

  • How to communicate and control spot colors

BrandQ includes certification & training for brand managers, brand experts, and supply chain facilities. Earn certification today to support your print & packaging supply chain.