BrandQ® Certified Supply Chain Facility ISO Process Standards

Let's start with the "Why"

Earning and retaining certification credentials is a must for anyone providing printing and packaging services to the consumer packaged goods market. This elite status demonstrates to brands, brand owners and print buyers, that a packaging and printing facility meets the highest quality standards. The Idealliance BrandQ® Certified Supply Chain Facility ISO Process Standards is effective, efficient, and aligns the supply chain.

What Does BrandQ Supply Chain Certification Measure?

Idealliance BrandQ® Certified Supply Chain Facility ISO Process Standards provides comprehensive documented 3rd party audited proof that the highest standards of performance are in place in the form of certified credentials, reports and regularly scheduled audits for those serving brands and brand owners of consumer packaged goods.

Idealliance BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility ISO Process Standards was designed to be clear, concise, and affordable. It enables communication between brand owners and suppliers, so it is clear on brand owner’s expectations, evaluation methodology, aims and tolerances, and validation process. The certification is designed with a low cost of entry in contrast to existing programs that are costly and cumbersome, put a stranglehold on printers, and do not provide an efficient nor effective way for brands to assess the supply chain.

BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility ISO Process Standards assesses key aspects such as process capability, performance, process control, color management, ISO Standards implementation, proof and press alignment, spot color rendering, pre-media capabilities, G7 calibration, and includes detailed reports and analysis. In addition to enabling brand communication, BrandQ provides a comprehensive evaluation of the suppliers and how they are meeting brand expectations and needs.

In addition to a capability on-site audit, BrandQ, serves as a centralized communication tool, providing a direct channel of communication between the brand owner and the supply chain. BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facilities are qualified to handle the most demanding jobs in the world. BrandQ Certification assures a high level of quality and performance and helps the supplier work to retain this distinction.

Ultimately, Idealliance BrandQ Certification leads to overall operational efficiency, process control, measurement controls, and data that can be shared between a print service provider and brands, brand owners and print buyers in order for everyone to enable efficient communication and data exchange, while having a great understanding of a print service providers ability to not only meet the highest demands of quality, but also maintain the highest standards of quality. This communication protocol creates a wonderful partnership for job specification exchange, regardless of language and regardless of location in the world.

Each BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility application submitted for a facility:  

  • Includes evaluation and assessment of (2) output devices,  (1) press and (1) proofer 
  • Good for one year from issuance of certification
  • Requires submission by an Idealliance certified BrandQ Supply Chain Expert for both new submissions and annual renewal within 90 days of certification expiration
  • Includes listing in the BrandQ Global Directory. An audited database of BrandQ facilities and BrandQ experts in good standing, who've met the requirements of Idealliance BrandQ to support brands and the global packaging supply chain.
  • Consulting fees may be additional as per your BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Expert and are negotiated with, and paid to the BrandQ Expert.

Facility Certification Fees

New BrandQ Certified Facility Submission: $1800*
Existing G7 Master Facility or G7 Process Control Master Facility Upgrade: $1350*
Annual Renewal and Submission: $1350*
Additional Device Submission: $450
Optional Quarterly Submission: $350

Fee example(s):

New Submission: Non-G7 Master Qualified Facility
1 Proofer, 1 Press

Includes Full Audit, Assessment, and Evaluation of Print Samples for 1 press and 1 proofing device: $1800 Total

Renewal Submission: BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility
1 Proofer, 2 Presses

$1350 Annual Renewal + $450 Additional Device Submission: $1800 Total 

What Does BrandQ® Certified Supply Chain Facility ISO Process Standards Measure?

Idealliance BrandQ Supply Chain Certification includes three components: 
On-site Audit, Proof & Print Evaluation, and Optional Quarterly Assessment.

Idealliance BrandQ Supply Chain ISO Process Standards On-site Audit (Includes)-Broad Scope
  • Working Space
  • Specifying Printing Aims
  • Evaluation of Proof and Material to Aims
  • PDFX Fundamentals
  • Data Reception & Creation
  • Platemaking/Pre-Press
  • G7 Calibration Implementation
  • Ink & Chemistry
  • Color Theory
  • G7 Theory Understanding and Practice
  • Applying CIELAB and G7 Color Metrics
  • Relative Paper Theory and Application
  • Process Capability and Classification Performance
  • Soft Proofing
  • Process Control
  • Trending & Analysis
  • Hardcopy Proofing
  • Viewing Conditions
  • G7 Compliance Levels
  • Client Training-All Levels
  • ISO Documentation
  • Digital Calibration
  • Standard Operation Procedures
  • Digital Test
  • Spot Colors including Solids and Tone Value Increase
  • Proof Alignment
  • Press Alignment
Proof and Print Evaluation: (Includes)-Broad Scope
  • G7 Master Qualification methodology
  • Contract proofs and press sheets to be evaluated by the 3rd party independent lab
  • Evaluation report
Quarterly Assessment (optional)
  • G7 Master Qualification methodology
  • Quarterly evaluation report


Jordan Gorski
Senior Vice President