Get BrandQ Expert Certified

Communication between a brand and their suppliers is the key to unlocking faster turnaround and reduced costs.

BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Expert certification is a more comprehensive certification for individuals in the packaging supply chain. Certification is granted by completing training, an online certification exam, and demonstrating competence during a live hands-on test and print assessment, Idealliance will award a BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Expert certification.  This certificate validates that the individual has taken training and demonstrated mastery of key concepts and topics in the BrandQ program.

BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Experts are recommended as trainers and implementation specialists for BrandQ. BrandQ Experts must also attend live G7 Expert Certification and maintain G7 Expert status. 

A BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Expert, is certified to perform the on-site facility audit and provide a comprehensive overview (BrandQ Supply Chain Audit) of a particular facility, provide a detailed report of benchmarks as well as areas of improvement to be measured and managed. While the BrandQ Expert is on-site, he or she is also responsible to oversee the production of a comprehensive set of proofs and prints to be evaluated by the 3rd party lab. More info on BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility certification available here

BrandQ Training Core Content includes:

  • The Big Idea - Why BrandQ
  • Terms & Lingo
  • Color Management Basics
  • G7 Fundamentals
  • Measurement Fundamentals
  • Specifying Print Aims
  • Reference Printing Conditions
  • Global Print Standards
  • Custom Print Standards
  • Paper Relative Theory
  • Spot Colors
  • Schmoo - Like G7 for Spot Colors
  • Development of a G7 Specification document
  • Pre-assessment of your supply chain
  • Evaluation of G7 based Printing Aims
  • Spot Color Evaluation
  • Proofing
  • Printed Material Alignment Procedures
  • Multiple Hands-On Evaluation of Print Materials
  • Viewing Conditions
  • Non-traditional Print
  • Supply Chain Asssessment - How Much to Measure
  • Case Studies in Print Buying
  • Where Do You Go From Here?
Download more information here on how to align your supply chain with BrandQ certification

Find out how BrandQ Facility certification serves leading print & packaging supply chain providers.


BrandQ Expert Online Certification & Training


  • Access to the BrandQ Community and BrandQ Library for access to technical resources including documentation, templates, and guides for brand and packaging supply chain alignment
  • Available on demand for convenient access on your schedule
  • 100% online with 24/7 access and tablet/mobile support
  • Access is available for one year for additional continued review
  • The BrandQ Print Assessment Kit and BrandQ Online Print Audit AVAILABLE HERE are required as part two of the BrandQ Expert examination to demonstrate proficiency as a BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Expert. The Print Assessment Kit will be shipped upon ordering and the online audit will be coorindated upon completion of the online exam.
  • Only BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Experts may submit BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility Application Submissions. As BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility Auditing also includes G7 Master Compliance. BrandQ Experts must also maintain G7 Expert certification. 
Register here for online certification & training.

BrandQ Expert Live Certification & Training


  • Access to online training as well to continue learning and review.
  • Access to the global BrandQ Community
  • The BrandQ Kit Assessment Kit and Online Audit occur during live training and are not completed separately. 
  • The BrandQ Online Exam must be completed following live training to achieve BrandQ Supply Chain Expert certification. 
  • A score of 80% or higher is required.
  • As BrandQ Certified Supply Chain Facility Auditing also includes G7 Master Compliance. BrandQ Experts must also maintain G7 Expert certification. 

BrandQ Training programs are scheduled throughout the United States and Internationally. Visit the Idealliance Event Calendar for future training dates. 

It is possible to arrange a custom training programs tailored to an organization’s specific needs as well. If you’re interested in learning more about the BrandQ program, let us know.


Jordan Gorski
Executive Director, Idealliance