Get BrandQ Manager Certified

If you work in the Print and Packaging Supply Chain-CPG, FMCG, are a brand, brand owner, print buyer, service provider, creative, creative agency, pre-press, pre-media, QC, OEM, or have any role in managing color, producing color, writing PQMs, fingerprinting, press alignments, proof alignments, press acceptance, print buyer requirements, SOPs, color library creation, process mapping, brand guidelines and print and process management, THIS CERTIFICATION IS FOR YOU.

Idealliance BrandQ®  Manager Certification & Training


Communication between a brand and their suppliers is the key to unlocking faster turnaround and reduced costs.

BrandQ helps brand managers communicate expectations and requirements and then carefully monitor and measure these throughout their supply chain. Brand managers who take the BrandQ Manager training learn the language of quality control and print measurement and how to effectively communicate expectations with suppliers. They learn how to determine if suppliers can meet their expectations and the how to best work with spot colors, among many other critical components. The program results in a vastly improved brand/supplier relationship.

BrandQ offers hands-on training, assessment tools, technical resources, and online education. The BrandQ program teaches methods for controlling and monitoring print quality across the supply chain. Attendees will also receive access to the BrandQ online training program and resources, as well as the BrandQ forum and discussion group.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Brand Managers
  • Designers
  • Packaging Supply Chain Professionals

Price: Idealliance Members $249 / Nonmembers $309


BrandQ Manager Online Certification & Training


  • Access to the BrandQ Community and BrandQ Library for access to technical resources including documentation, templates, and guides for brand and packaging supply chain alignment
  • The course is completed 100% online, self-paced, and includes a certification exam.
  • Online training is mobile enabled so you can take your learning on the go
  • Access is available for one year for additional continued review
  • The optional BrandQ Print Assessment Kit Available Here is also available a supplemental training aide to use during your BrandQ Manager training to help demonstrate first hand various print requirements and specifications covered in the training.
  • Download the BrandQ Manager online certification & training program overview.

Brands & print/packaging service providers effectively communicate and assess see benefits such as improved turnaround times, speed to market, reduced costs, and improved brand integrity.

Participants Include Certified Professionals From:

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BrandQ Manager course lessons include:

  • The Big Picture - Why BrandQ
  • How To Measure Color
  • Understanding LAB
  • Specifying Print Aims
  • Global Print Standards
  • Reference Printing Conditions
  • Color Management Basics
  • G7 Fundamentals
  • Custom Print Standards
  • Paper Relative Theory
  • Spot Colors
  • SCTV
  • Tolerances
  • Print Specification Document Development
  • Pre-assessment Of Your Supply Chain
  • Evaluation of G7 based Printing Aims
  • Spot Color Evaluation
  • Proof Alignment
  • Printed Alignment
  • Viewing Conditions
  • Non-traditional Print
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Case Studies
  • Application
  • Barriers To Success
  • Certification Exam

Certification Information

  • Passing exam with 80% proficiency qualifies the user for professional certification as an Idealliance® certified BrandQ® Manager
  • Certificates are automatically generated and distributed via email upon successful completion of the course

BrandQ Manager Certification & Training is also available via live training events


  • Access to online training as well to continue learning and review.
  • Access to the global BrandQ Community
  • The opportunity to complete the BrandQ exam to become an Idealliance certified BrandQ Manager

Visit the Idealliance Event Calendar for future training dates. 

It is possible to arrange a custom training programs tailored to an organization’s specific needs as well. If you’re interested in learning more about the BrandQ program, let us know.

Jordan Gorski
Senior Vice President