Why G7 for OEMs & Resellers

Why OEMs & Resellers Choose G7

OEMs & Resellers know when it comes to equipment and software, customers have a lot of choices. The ability to not only carefully demonstrate key differentiators but also manage a product is often the difference between earning and keeping a customer or losing a customer. Invigorate your current customer portfolio, and develop a new and well-informed client base with G7®, by clearly demonstrating the value-added features of a global standard that is proven to radically improve financial performance and product output quality consistency.

OEMs and Resellers promote G7 because…


  • G7  Master qualification is a global identifier of expertise in color management, press control, process- control and helping customers achieve consistency from proof-to-print
  • G7 Master qualification is a commitment to helping customers reduce cost, reduce waste, speed product to market, improve their clients brand image, maintain consistency, and retain customers
  • G7 gives all printing systems a shared neutral, common visual appearance
  • G7 helps consistently hit desired color targets
  • G7 aligns all devices, substrates and inks to a common standard of gray balance and tonality

Value Added Key Differentiators

  • G7 qualified experts, professionals and organizations are skilled, tested, and proven leaders in production print
  • There are more G7 Masters than any other print quality program in the world
  • Customers consistently look for products with G7 features and toolsets
  • G7 has a proven toolkit behind it, based on internationally recognized standards
  • G7 will help your product stand out in a crowded market


G7 Compliance Levels

Proven Quality Control

A Shared Visual Appearance