Why G7 for Print Service Providers

Why Print Service Providers Choose G7

Print service providers of all types know that a measurable, predictable, and uniform color management process provides significant business advantages. For printers to make money, orders must be turned around quickly, they must be consistent and they must predictable. Whether the process is: offset, flexo, gravure, screen, wide format, digital (toner and inkjet), industrial inkjet, or dye-sublimation, G7® can do it!

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Print Service Providers seek G7 Master Qualified Facility Certification because…


  • G7 works across multiple presses, plants, location
  • G7 means reprints will always look the same
  • G7 gives one consistent set of color targets regardless of device
  • G7= Color Consistency from Proof-to-Print
  • Clients Expect Print Consistency; G7 is a Global Standard that helps achieve consistent print quality and easier color matching
  • G7 Ensures a Common Neutral Appearance Between all Printed Graphics Regardless of the Material Each is Printed On
  • G7 helps Print Service Providers Predictably Reproduce Color


  • G7 reduces make-ready time
  • G7 is designed to align all devices, substrates and inks
  • G7 makes it easier to meet and maintain color expectations
  • G7 is an ANSI/CGATS specificationfor targeting gray balance

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Become a Leading G7 Master Qualified Print Service Provider, and Join the Ranks of Globally Recognized Print Manufacturers Capable of Serving Leading Brands & Print Buyers for Optimal Color and Print Production Across All Print Technology.

Official G7 Master Facility Directory Available at www.idealliance.org 

G7 Compliance Levels

Proven Quality Control

A Shared Visual Appearance


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