G7 Case Studies

Multiple Format Case Study

Adopting G7 allowed a full-service commercial printer, to provide consistent color matching of proofs and final output on multiple devices. This reliability factor dramatically reduced color-related disputes and improved client satisfaction.   Read more here.

Multi-Channel Marketing G7® Case Study

Through many years of developing “symbiotic strategic partnerships” with clients, this full-service printing and marketing powerhouse uses G7 as the foundation for producing great color—and saving money in the process.  Read more here.

How G7 Helps Keep Print Buyers Happy

As a printer, making sure your customer is happy is a top priority. Print buyers — your customers — care about what the final product looks like and if the correct colors have been printed. And that is one of the biggest reasons G7 is important: it controls the visual appearance of a printed piece. Built within G7 are the tools that help assure this great visual appearance. Read more here.

Longterm Process Streamlining Case Study

An award-winning printing, marketing, and logistics company has used G7 for many years, relying on its clearly defined process to drive greater consistency, faster make ready, and lower cost.   Read more here.

Driving Consistency in Packaging Production

A global packaging provider drives improvement in quality, with reduced turnaround time in production, by implementing G7.   Read more here.

The Business Benefits of Implementing G7 Within Your Printing Process

Print service providers gain a significant competitive edge when their workflow is efficient and replicable — especially when it comes to meeting color expectations from proof to print. The G7 Methodology is a global specification for CMYK process, that is used to consistently hit print buyer's and brand's color targets.  Read more here.

Brand Integrity Case Study

Whether you’re a printer or a brand manager, color consistency is non-negotiable. You need to be sure your prints are depicted accurately across multiple printing types and substrates – brand integrity depends on it. That’s where G7 comes in.    Read more here.

Facing Today's Color Management Challenges

As brand owners increase their scrutiny of color reproduction, package printers can utilize tools and strategies like G7 to maximize consistency.   Read more here.