Just a few testimonials about how G7 certification has helped printers and buyers: More case studies can be found here.


“Several years ago, we always faced the color discrepancy between proof and press. Especially, at night, the colleagues would call me to solve the problem. So I always remained in working condition even at night! After Idealliance China introduced G7 to me, our company obtained G7 Master qualification. Now I can have a good sleep because G7 brings us the efficiency of production. This year is our 13th year as a G7 Master!”

Mr. Dicky Choy, Marketing Director, Green Production (Overseas) Group


“G7 can introduce a unified printing specification which can greatly improve the internal and external communication. After implementing G7, our production time and efficiency was greatly improved, too. It is important factor for enhancing our competitiveness. Compared with large corporation, small enterprise has its advantage in Implementing G7 due to its flexibility.”

Mr. Percy Fung, General Manager, Ching Luen Printing Co., Ltd.

“Since communicating color is all about process control, we benefitted from being a G7 qualified printer. Once we printed our own metallic swatchbook based on Novachrome printing standards, our designers and customers immediately know that the metallic hues and effects on the Color-Logic swatchbook would be reproducible time after time.”

- Jim Varney, Founder, Novachrome Digital Design and Imaging


"Being a member of Idealliance gives Absolute Perfection access to training methods and best practices for color management and production workflow. Complying with the industry standards in printing allows us to make sure that when a digital graphic is produced to create a physical vinyl wrap, it looks the way you want it to."

 - Steve Allia, Production Mgr., Absolute Perfection, Sykesville, MD


"As a printer for large brand owners, G7 has had a big impact as it has given us a structure for color management and allows us to align our print capabilities across plants and print processes.  It gave us a common language to work with internally and with our customers and art houses.  In combination with GRACOL aim points we have been able to avoid some press fingerprinting and have gained much more confidence in matching our own color calibrated proofs as well as those from our customer sources."

- Doug Bartlett, Director of Graphics, Constantia/Spear, Boston, MA



“Brand integrity is critical to our clients. As a result, a majority of them are now requesting G7 by name. This has created greater opportunities for Ad Art, as clients award large projects to facilities like ours which are well-equipped to print an entire project.”

- Jose Puentes, Print Production Manager, The Ad Art Co., Los Angeles,CA


"QuantumDigital implemented the G7 methodology into our exclusively digital printing environment in August of 2011. It has enabled us to build a streamlined and consistent print workflow with just a small toolset and minimal operator training. We no longer guess if color is correct or leave it up to the interpretation of the press operator. With G7 we know our color is spot on and will please customers time and time again."

- Freddie BairdExecutive Vice President/COOQuantumDigital, Austin, TX


“The implementation of the G7 calibration methodology has made it possible for all of our printing devices here at Hennegan to produce extremely similar results across multiple platforms and different substrates. Our Web presses, sheet-fed, digital and grand format all produce remarkably similar results after G7 calibration.”

- Gary Briney, Vice President, Color & Technical SalesThe Hennegan Company, An RR Donnelley Company, Florence, KY


“As a family owned, global company, well-known for supplying the highest quality products and service to our customers, we are always looking for innovative ways of improving our processes to ensure the leanest and fastest operations available. With the support of the experts at All Printing Resources, G7® brought immediate benefits to our operations that were immediately perceived by our customers.”

- Francisco Siller, Quality Manager, Eurostampa, Cincinnati, OH


“Contemporary Graphic Solutions has not only been a G7 Master for many years, but a G7 Process Control Master for over 2 years. We believe there is no better way to match proof to press with such a small delta-E, than with the G7 method. IDEAlliance does an excellent job staying current and educating not only the manufacturing part of our business, but also our sales team and end customer base.”

- Bob Reilley, Vice President of Operations, Contemporary Graphic Solutions, Pennsauken Township, NJ


“As a high volume screen, litho, and digital printer, we have greatly benefited from G7. Matching proof to press takes much less time, substantially reducing our setup costs and increasing productivity. It has provided our customers with quicker turn‐around times and similar visual appearance across a broad range of printing types."

- Joe Presto, IT Manager, Albert Screenprint, Inc., Norton, OH


“We do almost exclusively short-run / gang-run printing here, and as a result, our press runs are often significantly shorter than many printers’ make-readys! By utilizing the G7 methodology we have enabled our pressmen to hit their target color much quicker and significantly reduce the amount of reworks for color.”

- Brian Pylant, Electronic Prepress / Color Management, Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ


Brands, buyers and creatives prefer qualified G7 suppliers because the G7 methodology allows for standardizations and metrics that unify the color experience across the full range of print products, regardless of process, medium or application. The focus on alignment of neutrals and gray balances results in consistent, vibrant color — the kind of color that achieves the trust and positive emotional resonance that draws in and retains loyal, engaged customers.."

- Sylvia Mauro, DGI Communications



“G7 elevated the con­fidence our customers have in our color control and consistency. Our national accounts provide G7 proofs that we need to match across a variety of materials and presses. G7 allows us to provide that match or have a meaningful conversation about the issues that may prevent the match. The majority of our customers expect G7 matches so they simply don’t do business with companies that aren’t G7.”

- Holland Houfburg, Owner, ARTECH Printing, Madison Heights, MI


“Printing has so many elements that must work in harmony…file, ink, plates, etc. With G7, the proper values for each of these components is clearly established, allowing complete control over what once was a chaotic process.”

- Gerry Gerlach, QA/Color Management, Integrity Graphics Inc., Windsor CT 


“We are proud to be a G7 Master printer and we let our customers know that.  G7 has simplified our proof to press process.  We are matching proofs better than ever while maximizing color gamut.  Our customers are so confident they will receive consistent color among all our print devices that they no longer require press checks.”  

- Bryan Hogue, Owner and G7 Professional, Adams Lithographing, Chattanooga, TN



“G7 has helped us reduce costs, save time and gives us superior quality, for our clients, by helping automate color management with consistent results across multiple devices and facilities.”

- Jason O'Leary, Digital Color Analyst, Merrill CorporationSt. Paul , MN



“Edison is proud to be a G7 Master. It gives us the tools to achieve consistency in a way that brings our art closer to a science.  Having the ability to validate adherence to this recognized standard allows us to certify each job in compliance, and alleviates disputes.”

- Ivy Newman, Systems & Operations Manager, Edison Lithograph & Printing Corp., North Bergen, New Jersey 


“Hopkins Printing has seen a tremendous value in being a G7 Master printer. We are now producing more consistent press sheets across all of our offset presses and our digital presses. It is encouraging to know that the product we put in our boxes will be what our customers expect from a high quality printer.”

- Jim Hopkins, CEO, Hopkins Printing, Columbus Ohio.


“Thanks to the efforts of Coast Imaging Arts, this (G7) goes a long way in proving our capabilities and provides our staff and clients the confidence in our abilities.”

- Ron Sun, General Manager, Ampco Grafix, Coquitlam, BC, Canada



“The value of the G7 methodology is easy to establish with our customers because it just works. It is a component of our value proposition tool box that we use to reduce costs and improve brand fidelity across multiple geographical print locations.” 

- Angel W. Acevedo, Director, International Packaging Design, Veritiv, Chandler, AZ



G7 has enabled DGI-Invisuals the ability to implement a print process that just wasn't available in the past.  The Large Format industry has many unique challenges, with the vast array of substrates and devices, and quick project turn-times.  Instituting the G7 methodology allows DGI to actually measure print quality. Operators know if the press is running correctly without guessing. Aiming for the same neutral gray target allows for more consistent color across different devices and achieves a more color consistent workflow, from week-to-week and month-to-month.”

- Paul Nardello, Manager of PrePress and Printing, DGI-Invisuals, Boston, MA



“A key area of concern is process control – ensuring consistent color reproduction. Conventional linearization calibrates the printer only to itself. Many things that impact color cannot be corrected through re-linearization, forcing frequent re-profiling. Replacing linearization with G7 calibration, however, calibrates to a known-good condition before the ICC profile is built. Re-calibrating to G7 aims can bring the printer back to that same condition, avoiding the need for re-profiling. This is a big time-saver for our end-users.”

- Christopher Brown, Engineering Manager, Advanced Engineering Group, Mutoh America Inc.

1519856607568.jpegEvery piece of equipment is calibrated to G7 standards and every press — across all print technologies, offset to digital — that can accept G7 curves is calibrated on the machine itself to G7 standards, as well as using G7 throughout the color management process. This, allows the shop to achieve a consistent appearance across every press in the building, to the point where if two presses are using the same substrate they are functionally identical, even if they are different ink technologies.

- Mike Todryk, Color Technical Specialist, IWCO Direct, Chanhassan, MN


We are extremely proud of our team for achieving G7 Master Qualification. It allows our organization to match a customer’s brand color requirements more precisely on a variety of printed products from any technology and application, everything from media and publications to packaging and labels is on brand,” 

- Joe Macaig, Quality Assurance and Prepress Manager, Freeport Press, Inc.  

“In today’s world, every detail is critical.  Size, quantity, due dates, material, and color are most important.  Being G7 Master Print qualified allows AAA to take any color issues out of the equation.  The results speak for themselves allowing us to achieve accurate color with minimal on press manipulations, saving us both time and money.”

- Craig Furst, President, AAA Flag & Banner Mfg. Co., Inc., Los Angeles, CA


“Our organization, Craft, feels being a G7 Master qualified operation is a critical component of our color and ad production process. Our clients increasingly want to know about our processes and efficiencies. Being able to state that we are working to these agreed upon industry standards gives Craft and our clients the proper assurances for the best reproduction quality.”

- Brad Mintz, Director of Print Services, Craft


“Utilizing the G7® methodology has enabled us to provide our customers with superior print quality by providing accurate color on every production run—from proof to press, and press to press. We have been able to maximize our print efficiencies by eliminating on-press adjustments and color subjectivity from the printing process.  G7 also ensures that our customers’ in-store consumers see a consistent color representation and close visual appearance of their offerings throughout their stores.” 

- Elaine Scrima, Vice President Operations, GSP Retail


"En nuestro caso, implementar la metodología G7 para controlar la neutralidad del gris en el impreso fue una decisión muy acertada; con ello logramos una impresión más estable, constante y con variables controladas, además de permitirnos reproducir con mayor facilidad nuestro trabajo". ENGLISH: "In our case, implementing the G7 methodology to control the neutral gray in print was a very wise decision, and with it we achieve a more stable, consistent and controlled variables, in addition to allowing us to reproduce our printing work easier."

- Fredy Alberto Gallon R., Director OperacionesServibarras, Medellin, Mexico  


“At Inland Label we do everything it takes to provide best-in-market labels to our customers. Gaining G7 certification feeds well into our color consistency program and gives our clients stronger control of their visual brand from proofing to printing.”

- Amy Jungerberg, Prepress Manager, Inland Label, La Crosse, WI 



“In 2010, LPC integrated G7 as the core methodology in our daily print process. The G7 qualification process allowed us to see where the presses and the proofers were at that time. The targets we established allowed for faster make-ready times and more consistently reproduced print for our clients. G7 should not be mistaken as simply a marketing tool but used as a mechanism to be a better printer.”

- Brian Tankersley, Director of Operations, Lewisburg Printing Company, Lewisburg, TN 


“The G7 methodology has been instrumental, especially in our time of growth.  We are now able to implement an opinion-free standard of gray balance across a wide range of equipment at all of our manufacturing sites. It has also assisted me in company-wide education on recognizing and reacting to available device gamut.”

- Eric N. DeRoos, Prepress Manager, G7 Expert, Wright Business Graphics, Portland, Oregon


“Worth Higgins & Associates adopted the G7 methodology in October of 2010. Since then, we reach target densities on press quicker, reducing make-ready time and decreasing paper waste. Fewer color correction issues has meant fewer plate re-makes and less down time. And, G7 has enabled us to provide visually consistent, repeatable color between proofs, presses, and different facilities.”

Jennifer Callison, Prepress & Color Expert, Worth Higgins & AssociatesRichmond, Virginia


“At Premier Press, G7 is a tremendous benefit to our customers, because if they order a catalog printed offset, some digital work, and wide format signage, their brand matches across all platforms.” 

Premier Press, Portland, OR


"G7 is key to accurate and consistent color. Our clients’ projects span across different printing technologies and having a close visual match between all components is a must to their branding. Using the G7 methodology ensures that Think Patented's color meets the latest industry standards and exceeds our clients’ expectations." 

Edie Sipe, Director of Premedia, Think Patented, Miamisburg, OH


“Achieving gray balanced is one of the primary foundations for successfully producing work across multiple print platforms while maintaining a consistent, common appearance. Following established best practices and specifications for G7 gray balance, the Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America helps enhance customers’ color management processes by enabling a consistent and repeatable neutral gray color with Océ high-speed production inkjet presses. As a provider of robust production solutions for the printing industry, Canon Solutions America recognizes the value of the Idealliance’s G7 specification and its importance to their customers’ business.” 

William Schuhlein, Manager System Solution Support, Canon Solutions America


"After the G7 implementation, ink consumption was reduced by 10-15% and paper waste was cut by more than 30%."

Guan Jian, Chutian Printing, China

Kdm_logo.png“(G7 Master Qualification) across our proofing, screen presses and digital inkjet devices..will allow us to improve our internal practices for color matching across multiple output devices.” 

Mike Vandenburg, General Manager, KDM

Application of the G7 process to print devices could potentially mean that no matter where you send your digital file, it will always be printed to look the same. Removing the arbitrary nature of the previous standards focused on dot gain (TVI) and craft-based print methods will bring those involved in the industry better repeatability, greater press predictability, simplified proof matching, and overall cost savings. 

- Michael Bayard, Cal Poly, excerpt from Calibrating, Printing, & Proofing by the G7 Method for Flexography

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