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  • 1.  Difference between test form IO and iSis

    Posted 01-07-2022 03:32 AM
    Edited by Arun Kumar 01-07-2022 03:42 AM

    Good Afternoon

    Please mention the difference of the below listed items

    G7 Form IO_v2016 28x40 r2

    G7 Form_iSis_v2016 r2 28x40

    Arun Kumar

  • 2.  RE: Difference between test form IO and iSis
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-07-2022 09:24 AM

    Hello Arun,

    The forms are designed with calibration and characterization targets (P2P51 + IT8 7/5(fka TC1617)) formatted for the measurement devices listed in their titles.
    • G7 Form IO_v2016 28x40 r2 is formatted for the i1iO
    • G7 Form_iSis_v2016 r2 28x40 is formatted for the i1iSis

    These can be used for G7 Master Qualification submission as they include all of the appropriate targets across Grayscale, Targeted, & Colorspace compliance. 

    Best regards,

    Jordan Gorski
    Executive Director
    Alexandria VA
    (703) 837-1070

  • 3.  RE: Difference between test form IO and iSis

    Posted 01-10-2022 02:43 PM
    Edited by Arun Kumar 02-12-2022 08:46 AM
    The difference in the 2 forms is in the TC1617 charts in the middle. The IO form has 1 TC1617 chart broken down into 2 parts that can be read on an i1 IO automated table with an i1 Pro photospectrometer. The iSis form has 2 complete TC1617 charts, that can be read on an xRite iSis chart reader.

    Either can be read manually with a handheld photospectrometer.

    You might be able to read these charts with another automated chart reader, like the Barbieri Spectropad or LFP, or you might need to sub in a chart made for the specific chart reader you are using.

    Kai Yamada
    Color Systems Specialist, G7 Expert
    DCG ONE (DirectConnectGroup)
    Seattle WA