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  • 1.  SCCA 2019 Calculator TC1617 dataset grey-ramps

    Posted 03-11-2020 02:45 PM

    While using the SCCA 2019 calculator:

         Idealliance SCCA Calculator_v23Win.xlsm
         Idealliance SCCA Calculator for Excel v16_v24Mac.xlsm (Note: opened on Windows)

    with the following Reference Data:

         CGATS.21-2 CRPC1
         GRACoL2013 CRPC6
         CGATS.21-2 CRPC7

    I noticed that the Reference Data for the K and CMY ramps for IT8.7/5 (TC1617) charts was different from the data found in

         TC1617 G7 Datasets (CGATS21 ISO15339).zip

    These ramps are located on the last column of the target if viewed with 49 rows.
    These are line numbers 1572 and up in the "Reference data" Tab of the SCCA spreadsheet.

    The remaining data is the same. IT8.7/4 charts are not affected.
    Note: I have not tested the other TC1617 reference data files.

    I looked for updated TC1617 datasets but found nothing.

    Is the SCCA 2019 spreadsheet data correct?
    Should the TC1617 reference datasets be updated?



  • 2.  RE: SCCA 2019 Calculator TC1617 dataset grey-ramps

    Posted 03-16-2020 08:38 PM
    Hello again,

    I just browsed through the just released 20th edition Guide to Print Production.
    Quite informative!

    I found on the "NEW INITIATIVES IN PRINT" page ​(p44):

    The Print Properties Council has recently released new IT8.7/5 (TC1617)
    versions of the datasets to accompany CGATS 21. While not an official
    addition to the CGATS 21 standard these provide complimentary data for
    those creating and editing profiles.

    This looks like what I am looking for, so may I presume it should be available real-soon-now ;-)