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  • 1.  IT8 for press calibration

    Posted 06-14-2021 11:24 AM
    Is there a reason why you would use an IT8 chart without a P2P to calibrate a web press?

    Jason Wright
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  • 2.  RE: IT8 for press calibration

    Posted 06-16-2021 02:22 AM
    Hi Jason,

    IT8 chart already includes P2P chart, so no need to print P2P separately.

    If you are aiming for calibration for Grayscale or Targeted level, P2P only is sufficient.
    IT8 is generally used for the master colorspace level.

    Halil Ip G7 Expert
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  • 3.  RE: IT8 for press calibration

    Posted 06-17-2021 09:57 AM
    Hi Jason.-

    Don´t forget use the IT8/7.5 (TC1617) because includes the P2P charts...

    Best Regards!

    Pedro Cuday
    Prepress Manager

  • 4.  RE: IT8 for press calibration

    Posted 06-17-2021 10:10 AM
    Hi Halil,
    This is a little incomplete. The IT 8.7.4 Does not include the P2P. The IT 8.7.5 does. The IT 8.7.5 was formerly the TC1617 before it got ratified.

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