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Topic: A Complete Guide to Add Direct Quotes in Research

In any research paper or write my essay, it is vital to use good research to support the claims you make in your paper. Whatever is the subject or field of study, research and citation are inevitable.

Quotes are an excellent representation of the fact; you have researched the topic very well. In fact, it is the most significant form of evidence. It is basically about adding the direct words of the author of some text or article. Quotes are illustrated by inverted commas; either single or double.

This paper will guide you about everything concerned with adding quotes in the research paper.

When to use quotes.?

The first thing you must understand about quoting is when do you actually need to add research. The basic structure in any paper or essay is, you make a claim or introduce a point, you go on explaining the facts and show how the evidence supports the claim.

Quotes are basically a kind of evidence; the writer uses quotes to connect the dots and to explain what he/she is talking about.

Add Quotes in a Paper Like a Pro

First thing first; learn the things you must avoid while adding quotes in your essay.

Not quoting directly means you are putting your essay writer grade in danger. Avoid the following:

  •         Overloading of quotations
  •         Broken sentences
  •         Overused quotes and clichés
  •         Irrelevant quotations
  •         Plagiarism

Points to Ponder!

Keep the following points in your head before you add a quote in your paper:

  •         What do you want to add?
  •         Did I use the correct grammar?
  •         How much of the quotes you want to use in the paper?
  •         How well that quote fits your paper or paragraph?
  •         Does the quote blends well?
  •         Is it logical enough?
  •         Is it too complex to understand?

A professional essay writer takes care of everything in the essay writing service. They are pro at it. They will never use quotes unless necessary.

Offer Context

Do not rely on the reader to make sense of the quote themselves. It is your job to offer the context of your quotation. The contest basically sets the scene of the direct quote you are offering.

For instance, when Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863; he addressed the soldiers demoralized by the weather conditions and loss of fellow beings.

Attribute Quote to its Source

Inform the reader, who is speaking this. You can also determine this at the stage of proofreading. Can the reader easily identify who is speaking? If not, you need to incorporate the quote more prominently.

You can also use different reporting verbs for this purpose, declare essay help, criticize, predict, suggest, proclaim, etc.

Also, do not forget to conclude the quote according to the context.

Citing a quote?

Adding a quote without a citation is a major blunder.

But citation must be added according to the citation style that is required in your paper. It could be APA, MLA, or any other.

Briefly introducing the author before adding the quote is also a way to add a citation. If you have to cite multiple paras, you might use block quotes.

Avoiding Plagiarism

If you are using the exact words of the author without inverted commas, you are committing the act of copying or plagiarism.

Remember! Plagiarism is straightaway cheating. You always have write my essay for me choice to rephrase the author’s words but do not forget to cite the information.

That is all about tips to add direct quotes in your papers. Follow these tips simply and you will never make blunders in your papers. May it be a smooth sailing for you!

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